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A more detailed look and a better understanding of the types of treatments used here at the ChiroActive Sports and Spine Clinic.

Spinal Manipulation

At the ChiroActive Clinic, we specialise in Diversified Chiropractic manipulation/adjustment. This technique is the most commonly used of all Chiropractic techniques and is the one probably most familiar to patients. The Diversified manipulation/adjustment entails a high velocity, low-amplitude thrust delivered by hand and possibly with assistance by a drop-table or block


IASTM or otherwise known as Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization involves using a range of specialised tools (stainless steel). These specialised tools enable the Clinician to efficiently locate and treat individuals diagnosed with Soft Tissue Dysfunction. At ChiroActive we use the Smart Tools range.

Shock Wave Therapy

This type of technology has been used extensively for decades in both Europe and the United Kingdom (UK). Otherwise better known as Radial Shock Wave it was developed from existing technology used in medical treatment for eliminating kidney stones without causing skin injury over 20 years ago. Has very good results specifically in the treatment of Tendon related issues such as the Achilles tendonitis.

Dry Needling

As the name implies, there is no medication used .These thin filament needles are used to break down/reverse the effects of these trigger points with in the muscle and in so doing change the function of that muscle albeit almost immediately. Myofacial trigger points are small muscle contraction/knots that can be felt as a small muscle nodule just below the skin. Pushing these muscular nodules is very painful. Trigger points can exist in each muscle of the body, with multiple existing at the same time, affecting both sides of the body equally. These trigger points keep the muscle tight and weak and restricting the muscle’s range and motion.

Muscle/Joint rehabilitation

Very specific exercises are provided to the patients to supplement treatment undertaken for the specific injury. Even though the initial problem may feel better it is imperative that joint and muscle re-education through grade 1 corrective exercises and neuromuscular coordination be undertaken to avoid recurring injuries.

Manual flexion distraction and distraction

Specially designed chiropractic bed used for the manual mobilization and distraction of the lower back, used to assist in the treatment of muscle spams and managing of lower back fascial tension release.

ChiroActive incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis, treatment and specialized rehabilitation of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

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